Toxic-free advertising

Imagine advertising that spreads voluntarily, because it violates the classical standards in advertising. It catches your attention at first glance because its fun, its unconventional and you want to share it. If you'd like to present yourself with wit, otherwise than anyone else, and don't get lost in the media noise and trash, you have come to the right place.

works that fulfill

We are an alternative advertising agency, we specialize in guerilla marketing and non-traditional forms of marketing. Our mission is to deliver advertising that doesn't bother customers, is unconventional, timeless, unique and inexpensive for our clients. We are a flexible team of professionals with rich experience, our enthusiasm is highly contagious and works from our factory fulfill us as well as advertising needs of our clients.

With our work we became successfull fighters against:

  • billboard smog on the streets
  • trash flyers in your mailbox
  • unoriginal televison ads that break into your favourite programme
  • telemarketing phone calls that interrupt you in wrong time
  • irritating pop-up banners on internet
  • advertising & media trash

creative & business manager

Dušan Tatranský
  • team leader
  • new business
  • idea maker
  • copywriter

visual production manager

Erik Schwarz
  • graphics & design
  • web creator
  • video productions
  • fix it!