Slogan: pokor svoj strach / portál, ktorý odhalí tvoj potenciál / buď zmenou, ktorú chceš vidieť

Suitable for: experiential agency, gaming site, non-profit, community project, foundation, workshop, competition, ...

250€ - buy


Slogan: higher than sky / Slovak ex-pat agency / high-profile services

Suitable for: self-promoweb for creative, recreational centre, hotel, skiing centre, ex-pat agency, tech brand, ...

1500€ - buy


Slogan: First aid against boredom / The Resurrection agency / Being dead is a choice

Suitable for: Company news, magazine/e-zine, blog, consulting company, teambuilding training, self-development portal, application/game, HR company, publishing...

250€ - buy


Slogan: Hooked on the Funk / Fun / What the funk

Suitable for: Band, club, fun centre/park, festival, game, fun supplements distributor, videolog, show, publishing, experiential agency, ...

250€ - buy

Beginnings are tough, leave the creativity to professionals, who specialize in it.

Branding is a service supporting you with the basic corporate identity kit for start-up, new product/service or project.

Logo and slogan offered in preprepared namingshop packages is used as a sample, according to your preferences we will create additional solution with no extra charge. If you can't find a suitable solution in our selection, we will create a tailored name with slogan, logo and web domain for a fixed fee 300 €. You just need to have a clear idea about the brand purpose and potential customers. The outcome Branding package contains logo in vectors, .sk / .com / different domain, slogan.

Answer the basic questions about your plan and needs

We will
you if supplementary questions are necessary

You choose the appropriate solution, or send revision

We deliver you a complete Branding